8th edition




1a.        Understanding he New Birth
           Q1.  What are the things people usually assume could make them quality to become                  Christians, but which cannot? Acts. 10
           Q2.  Narrate briefly your personal experience of the New Birth.

1b         Understanding the New Birth:
           Q1. Definitely, you would have heard about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ                  before the day you finally surrendered to Him. Enumerate the factors that didn’t                  allow you to give your life the first time you were preached to?
           Q2. Now that you are born again, what have you been enjoying as a Christian which                  where never experienced before?

2.          Repentance from Dead Works:
           Whatever temptation invariably leads to sin what should your attitude be at that            instance as a child of God?

3.          Discovering your New Self
             Q1.  What is your relationship with God now that you are new and how does God see                      you?
4.          Discovering your New Self (B)
           Q1. How do you relate your old pals and yet-to-be saved relations?
           Q2. What are the major differences between you and your unsaved friends now that                  you are saved? I Pet.2:9
           Bible, Trinity and Devil:
           Q1. Write down the order in which the books of the bible appear and their                  abbreviations.
           Q2.  How biblical is the reading of the Psalms as the only book of the Bible?

6.          Quiet Time

           Q1. Your teacher will suggest to you what chapter of the Bible to read. Read till                  something strikes you, and then mediate on it. Write down the thoughts that                  come to you. Cover two three different points that strikes you.
           Q2. Write a very short prayer on any one of these types of prayers following the                  guideline we have in the Lord’s Prayer: - Thanksgiving, Intercession, and                  Supplication/Petition.

7.          Baptism:

           Q1. Does baptism wash away our sins in the water? Yes or No, Discuss
           Q2. To speak in tongues is a demonstration that you have arrived as a Christians.                  Yes or No?
                 Write down at least 5 points on speaking in tongues as recorded in 1 Cor.14.

8.          Personal Evangelism:
           Q1.  Write all the modes we can use for personal Evangelism?
           Q2. The Bible says we are the Epistles of the Most High God II Cor.3:2. How can                  this scripture affect our personal evangelism overtly and covertly?

9           Christians Conduct:
           Q1.  Discuss briefly what this phrase means “unsaintly saints” makes us of the                  points from your study on Christian conduct’
           Q2. The Bible enjoins us to be at peace with all men. How do we handle the ceases                  of people who are always getting on our nerves. Quotes scriptures to support                  your answer.

10.        Christians Discipline:
           Q1. “All good and perfect gifts are from God Almighty” How can we relate thus to                  the injunction on the moderation in all things. Phil.4:5a.

11         Fasting and Prayer:
           Q1.  Name 3 people that fasted in the Bible, why did you think they did so?
           Q2.  What spiritual, advantages do you enjoy from fasting? Fasting should be a                   habit which Christian must cultivate. Start today.

12.        Divine Healing
           Q1. The Bible say that Divine Healing is the Children’s meat Matt.15:28. Is it                  scriptural to see medical attention at the on set of every sickness? Exo.15:26,                  Ps. 127:1, Ps. 103:3, Jer.17 (Aids for ref).
           Q2. Enumerate the sources of illness as a discussed in your Believers’ – class                  booklet. From which one of them does your illness normally come. Align your                  confession with what the Bible says about you. Josh. 1:8, I Pet.2:24.

13         Restitution, Holy Marriage and Tithes:
           Q1. Restitution may be difficult but it is important to clear you mind of obstacles to                  heave. In the presence of the Holy Spirit ask God to give you the grace to                  begin restitution today.
           Q2. How does Prov.3:9a describe our giving to God write it down, and tell God that                  this is what you intend to do.

14a       Deliverance:
           Q1. How Many Possible demonic covenants could be made by one single visit to a                  native doctor?
           Q2. Name 4 “Christians Cults” what are the likely problems of becoming a member of                  any of them.

15. Second Coming of Christ:
           Q1. What do you know about Rapture? Do you believe in it? Use Bible quotations for                  support
           Q2. It is appointed unto man to die once after that Judgment. Discuss with Bible                  references.

16. Millennial Reign and Coming Judgment:
           Q1. “I’d rather be a doorkeeper in the house of God” Ps.84:10 with this quotation                  from the Bible, one can infer that there s likely to be some occupation in                  heaven as Singing, Doorkeeping, and Adoration of God etc. Narrate some of the                  works/Things that can qualify you for heaven.
           Q2. What rewards await a successful believe when he gets to heaven? Dan.12:3.