8th edition




Discipline is defined as the training of the mind and body to produce self control, orderliness, obedience and capacity for co-operation in the army, a soldier is expected to be disciplined and to distinguish himself from civilians. In like manner a Christians as a soldier of Christ (II Tim.2:3-4) is expected to be disciplined and to behave differently from unbelievers.

Christians Discipline
Practically, discuss how Christian should discipline himself in the following aspects of life.

    a.       Use of Tongue: (Jas.3:2-10) This little member can be used positively to offer               praise and prayer to God (Jas.5:13), preach the word (Jas.5:10), confession of               sins and our faith (I Jn.1:9 and (II Kgs.4:25-26) confession unto salvation               (Rom.10:10), turn situation around (Col.4:6, Prov.15:1). It could also be used               negatively to curse men (Jas.3:9b), complain (Jas.5:9), swear (Jas.5:12). What               does your tongue do? Boast a wall of fire, an unruly evil full of deadly poison?               When last did you use the words “please” or “Thanks you”? Words take their root               from an unregenerate heart (Jer.17:9) and therefore an unregenerate tongue.               The Bible enjoins us to care for our heart (Prov.4:23) because is determines our               fate. (Matt.12:37).

             In the law court, we cam affirm our words instead of swearing.

    (b).    Moderation in all things: (Eating, sleeping, dressing, spending, overspeeding,              etc.) Phil.4:5; Prov.23:21; Phil.3:19; Prov.20:13; I Tim.2:9; Deut.22:5.

    (c)     Debt of:
             (i)   Money – Rom.13:7-8; Deut.28:13
             (ii)  Promise or vow – Ps.105:7-10; Ecc.5:2-5; Num.30:2
             (iii) Time – Ecc.3:1-8; 9:10
             (iv) Preaching the gospel – I Cor.9:16-17; II Tim.4:12; Rom.1:16

    (d)     Punctuality, self-control; orderliness at meetings: I Cor.14:40

    (e)     Diligence in work: Prov.22:29; 24:30-31; II Thess.3:10.

    (f)     Respect for One another especially elders, Ministers, and leaders in the                  church: I Tim.5:1-2, 17; Heb.13:17, Lev.19:32.
    (g)    Respect for parents and the law of the land: Eph.6:1-3; Matt.15:14; I              Pet.2:13-17; Titus 3:1.

    (h)     Rebellion especially against church leaders: Num. 12:1-10; Num.16:1-5, 28-
             33, Heb.13:17; Josh.1:16, 18; II Pet.2:10-13.

    (i)     Going to dancing halls, cinema halls, revellings, etc. II Tim.2:19-21, I              Thess.5:22; I Pet.4:3; Eph.5:11-12 Attempt not to go where God cannot go with              you.

By doing things “decently and in order” in the Church, holiness will surely be reflected in the body of Christ. Our salvation takes us away from certain behaviours and connects us to Christ.

Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.

Home work
Read Isa.58:1-14 against next study. Discuss the abuse of fasting in vs.3-5