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Biblical fasting is imperative for members of the body of Christ it is essential among other things, to deal with the flesh, that fallen nature, which is still much around to prevent us from prospering in the things of the spirit. Apostle Paul said But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection…” (I Cor.9:27).

A.             What is fasting?
             Fasting means abstinence and Biblical fasting means abstaining from food and              drinks (depending on the duration) for a period. Thus fasting is an act of denying              ourselves of things that give us pleasure with a view to suppressing the flash and              uplifting the spirit. Fasts could be divided as follows:

             (i)    Absolute Fast: Abstinence from food and water for a stipulated period of                     time by the one undergoing the fast. After three days it is medically                     advisable to drink water.
             (ii)   Normal Fast: This is one in which we can take a meal after 24 hours.                      However water may be taken in between depending on the duration of the                      fast.

B. Who should fast?
             (i) Individual believer - II Sam. 12:16, II Cor. 6:5; 11: 27
             (ii) Group of believer Acts 13: 1- 3
             (iii) A whole nation Jonah, 3: 5-9; Esther 4: 15- 17

C. What Fasting is set to Achieve – Isa.58:6-9

             1. To loose the bands of wickedness – vs.6
             2. To undo the heavy burdens vs. 6
             3. To let the oppressed go free vs.6
             4. To break every yoke vs.6
             5. To give bread to the hungry vs.7
             6. To restore the poor vs.7
             7. To Clothe the naked vs.7
             8. Not to hide from relatives who need your help vs.7

All these could be summarized in Jam.1:27. it should be pointed out there that whether or not you are fasting, you are expected to live a life of practical daily holiness. I Pet.1:15-16.

D. Other advantages of fasting
    1.     It puts down our flesh and increases our spiritual capacity, strength and              awareness. “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…”              Isa.40:31; Ps.35:13.
    2.     It makes clearer the purpose of God in your situation as you become more              receptive in the spirit.
    3.      You possess keener perception of divine things and clarity of thought.
    4.      Fasting helps to kindle and develop faith. Through fasting spiritual fire is kindle and              faith operate well.
    5.      It helps break the power of Satan, and brings about deliverance and healing              Mk.9:28-29
    6.       It improves your prayer life tremendously. Lk.11:9-11
    7.       It enhances continuous flow of anointing.

E. When do we fast
   1. When asking for divine secrets. Dan.9:3, 20-27; 10:2-3
   2. When in danger. Acts 27:21-25; Jonah 1:17; 2:1
   3. When thing crucial decision. Esther 4:15-16
   4. When sick and in need of deliverance Mk.9:29.
   5. When preparing for a great task, revival, etc. Matt.4:1-3
   6. When asking God for intervention Neh.1:3-4; Chor.20:3-10
   7. When interceding for other people. Dan.9:3
   8. We fast so that our spirit will readily be alive when God speaks. Acts 13:2-4.

F. How to operate Biblical Fasting
   1. One who is fasting needs to be very close to God seeking His face in prayers and        supplication for the duration of the fast. And as already mentioned there must be        abstinence from food and drinks.
   2. Where the fast goes beyond three days, it is no medically, water should be pure, warm        and adequate.
   3. Where the person fasting need to undertake some heavy, tasks or undertake long        distance journey, other liquid drinks will be advisable.
   4. The duration of a fast should be a covenant between you and God and the purpose        must be very clear, else, the fast may be a waste of time, a hunger strike, or dieting.    5.  During period of fasting, those who are married must be like those who are not that is        abstaining fro sexual relationship. I Cor.7:5.
   6. There must be concerted prayers, adequate mediation on the word and listening        distinctly to the Holy Spirit for the duration of the fast.
   7.  When the days are fulfilled, withdrawing from the fast should be done with all caution        and discipline. You need to exercise mores self control than when you were fasting so        that you health is not impaired.

What Fasting does to your health
   1.  Medical science tells us that fasting is excellent for good health building, the digestive        system should be given period rest.
   2. Overweight and obese people are advised to fast in order to reduce weight. The slogan        is, “After you feast, you should fast”.
   3. It is very good for serious student to fast occasionally and practically when is increase        in the flow of blood to the brain area giving more clarity of thought.

    i.  Prayer can be defined as divine communication with God’s fellowship with God. it is a        dialogue and waiting to hear from God I Sam 1:15, Isa.26:16. Prayer is also pouring out        of the hear before God Ps.62:8
    ii. Discuss the Model prayer Matt.6:9-13
    iii. Why do we need prayers
    -   For God’s power to cope with daily activities Pro.3:5-6
    -   In order to like Jesus Mk.1:35
    -   For God’s power to live an overcoming life.
    -   To create right reaction to trials and tribulations Jam.1:24
    -   To discover God’s will in whatever situation we find ourselves.

    iv.Requirement for Effective Prayer
    -  Faith Heb.11:6, Ps.27:13; Mk.11:23
    -  Boldness Heb.4:16; Isa.41:21; Isa.43:26
    -  Humility Lk.18:10-21; Isa.57:15
    -  Renewed mind Jer.3:15; I Sam.2:35
    -  Wait on the Lord Isa.40:31; Prov.20:22

    v. Types of Prayer Matt.6:9-13
    -  Thanksgiving Phil.4:6
    -  Adoration
    -  Supplication
    -  Intercession
    -  Petition

Apostle Paul declared that he was “fasting often” II Cor.11:27. Every believer should have a regular period of fasting every week, and pray everyday with Jesus, David, Paul and even the Pharisees fasted and prayed. Do nothing to indicate to people that you are fasting if you desire a reward from it. Matt.6:16-18

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