8th edition




Our God is the Almighty one and His knowledge of us can be likened to that of a manufacturer of an engine who must all intricacies of the engine. As the Chief Architect of our nature and/or the manufacturer of all parts of your body, He knows what to do at any part that falls out of harmony at any point in time He wants to heal us, we need His healing touch today, more than as obtained during Christ’s life ministry and the apostolic age.

           The Bible in Psalm 139:14 says we are fearfully and wonderfully made.This implies            the prefect state of man at creation after God finished creating man. He looked and            considered the work He has just created and certified and pronounced that, “it was            very good” (Gen.1:31). So God created man perfect; no ailment, no disability, no            disease and no sickness. In His own perfect image created He man (Gen.1:27)

           The maxim that there in “no cures without cause” is very relevant to our point of            consideration here since there is an well no sickness without source. Some sources            of illness are:
1.        Sin: Man was tempted, sinned and fell in the garden of Eden Gen.3:1-6, since God            could no longer dwell in man because of indwelling sin, the original state of            perfection was lost. The presence of sin in man implies the presence of the devil            and the presence of Satan means problem, woes, sickness, afflictions, etc. The            devil is the author ofthem all and there is nothing good in him. Jn.10:10a; Lk.13:14-16

2.        Malnutrition
3.       Over eating: Over working the systems of the body will break them down.            Pro.23:21. Here over-eating (gluttony) is likened to drunkenness.

4.        Curses and demonic attack: Lk.13:16; Acts 13:9-11, Job 1:8-12, 2:7.
5.        Other sources: Can be through overworks, sleeplessness, restlessness, anxiety and            worries Prov.17:22; Prov.15:13

           Our Lord Jesus Christ died and rose again to guarantee us perfect redemption. Part            of the redemption package is our good health and power over sickness and disease            III Jn.2; Isa.53:3-5; Matt.8:17; I Pet.2:24; Lk.9:1-2. Redemption, we have been            brought back to our former position. However, because we lost that position to            Satan, he is not going to let go easily unless we send him packing by violence!            (Matt.11:12).
           Ways of receiving our healing.
1.        Prayer by the sick person Jn.5:13; 16b; Jn.14:13-14; Phil.2:9-11. Nothing hinders            the devil from trying you with a sickness and nothing stops you from rejecting his            offer and dispatching is back to him with the speed of the spirit of the Lord and in            the name of Jesus. When you are ill, check your life if there is any sin there.            Confess and repent of it, if there is and thereafter pray a prayer of healing for            yourself and the rest result will amaze you if you do all things by faith II Kgs.20:3-5

2.        By united or communal prayer of two or more brethren. Matt.18:19; Jam.5:16a. This            is why you need to belong to a House Fellowship nearest to you.

3.        By laying hands on the sick person. Mark 16:18, Acts 17:18; Acts 28:8. This must            be done with caution. Ensure you have consecrated your life and you are living holy            before laying hands on the sick. II Cor.8:5; Rom.12:1; 6:13. Anointing the sick with            oil and prayer of faith by elders. James 5:14-15. There should be no unscriptural            ceremonies like ritual washing, burning candies, holy water, putting on a cross etc.            The Bible says the prayer of faith and nothing else. Mark 5:25-29.

          1     You must be born again. Jn.3:3, 16, 36. Not that healing is the children’s bread                  Mark 7:24-27
          2     After salvation, you must live in obedience. Touch no sin anymore. Duet.7:12;                  15; Isa.1:8-20; Jn.5:14; Jam.4:7.
          3     Worship God continually in spirit and in truth Jn.4:24
          4     Fast and pray often. Isa.58:6-8
          5     When Satan tires you with illness, confess what the word of God says about                  your healing and claim the promises. Confess strength at all times and not                  weakness. I Cor.3:16-17. Joel 13:10.

The realm at which divine healing is operated is the realm of dominion. God wants to take you there. To seek refuge at the medicine shops at every appearance of illness is not sinful but indicate you are still far from where God wants you to be. Develop strong faith against sickness today based on the word of God and you will in no time fine yourself walking in the realm of dominion.

Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.