8th edition




Events in the world today are showing more than ever the imminence of the coming of our King and our Lord (Lk.21:8-11). He is coming again and we shall soon hear the sound of the trumpet. However, it is worthy of note that His second coming shall be in two phases. In this study we shall learn about these and the various events which shall occur under them.

           (Rev. 18:4) Under this part, the Lord Jesus Christ will be coming for the saints, to            remove them from the world and take them unto himself so that they will not            partake in the “Great Tribulation” which shall unfold itself immediately after the first            phase of His second coming. There are many events which shall be witnessed within            this first phase and they are:
           1.    The Lord Jesus shall appear in the sky to take home His own I Thess.4:16
           2.   The saints who slept shall be resurrected and the living ones (saints)                   transformed and translated to meet the Lord in the sky in an event referred to                   as “The Rapture”. This event also signal the beginning of the “First                   Resurrection” I Thess 4:13-18; I Cor.15:44, 51-53
           3.   There shall be seven years of great tribulation on earth when the anti-Christ                  shall be the head of government of the world. It is a seven-year period of great                  deceit, bloody war, violent crime, lawlessness and terror. There shall not be                  such time before it or after it Matt.24:21, II Thess.2:5-8, Rev.11:2-3, 13:5-78.                  Note that when you add forty-two months to one thousand, two hundred and                  sixty days, you will get seven years.
           4.   In the sky, however, the ruptured saints who will remain there with Christ for                  Seven years shall be treated to such events such as the Judgment seat of                  Christ, being the period of accountability. Rom.4:10, II Cor.5:10, I Cor.3:1-15                  also we shall have the marriage supper of the Lamb which will be the marriage                  between Christ (the Bride groom) and His Bride which is the church. The                  raptured saints. Rev.19:7-9.
           5.   The second death shall have no power over raptured saints I Cor.15:54;                  Rev.20:6; 2:11
           6.   The church, the undefiled brethren, the saintly saints shall not partake in the                  Great tribulation. Lk.21:34-36.

The day is coming. So near when there shall be bold headlines on pages of the newspapers concerning millions of people who are missing, who suddenly disappeared. Threw ill be confusion and for those who have had foreknowledge but missed the event, it will be a sad news. Where do you want to be on this day, in the air with the Lord or among the perplexed ones here in earth?

           At the round up of events in the air after the seven year period as already            mentioned, Christ and His bride shall return to the earth. In other words, at the            concluding part of His second coming He shall be coming with the saints. Hallelujah!            The following events shall unfold at this coming.
1.        The battle of Armageddon. This is the war that will be fought at the descent of            Christ and saints to the earth. The anti-Christ will institute this battle using his            confederated army which is he would have gathered from all nations. Rev. 16:13-
           16; Zech.14:1-5, Rev. 19:11-19
2.        That anti-Christ armies will be defeated and destroyed with the sword that comes            out from the mouth of the glorious Lord Jesus Christ. Rev. 19:20-21
3.        The Millennial Reign of Christ. Rev. 20:4-6. The Victory at Armageddon heralds in the            one thousand years reign of Christ and His Saints here on earth.

The following shall be the features of this period:
           (i)  The government of Millennium will be a theocratic from of system of                  Government; that is God ruling
           (ii)  It is going to be a period of Golden age, that is, a time of lasting peace on                  earth. Warlessness, crimelessness, divine hearth for all, no infant death and                  many other wonderful events shall be the order of the day. Isa.2:4; 11:6-9;                  60:1; Jer.30:17, Isa.33:24; 65:20.
           (iii) Jerusalem in Israel shall be the capital of the Government in Millennium Joel                  3:16-17.
           (iv) Christ will be manifested to take possession of David’s Kingdom according to the                  covenant made with David II Sam.7:8-16.
           (v)  It is the time of restoration of Israel back to their land and conversion unto                  their righteous and rightful king. Jer.31:10; Amos 9:14-15
              (vi)  Satan shall be held bound in the bottomless pit in the entire period – Rev. 20:1-3
           (vii) The Saints shall reign with Christ in His earthly kingdom – Rev. 20:6.

Brethren, commit yourself to Christ and His coming in all holiness so as to partake in this first resurrection which shall see death being swallowed up in victory.

So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruptible, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall he brought to pass the saying that is written, death is swallowed up in victory.