8th edition




This is the concluding part of our studies and it will take us through a set of topics almost similar to the one we had in the previous study.

The millennium is a wonderful 1000 years reign of Christ and the saints on earth. Ti will come immediately after the victory at Armageddon, that is, after seven years period of the “Great Tribulation” Rev. 20:1-6, 2:26-27, Isa.65:8-23. The following shall be the features of this period:
    1.          The form of government shall be theocratic i.e. God ruling through Jesus Christ,                  the apostles and all the saints from Adam to the Millennium. Isa.2:2-4,                  Dan.2:44-45, Dan.7:13-14, 18-27, Rev.1:6, 2:26-27, 5-9, Ps.149:4-9.
    2.          The devil will be bound and throw to the bottomless pit for these 1000 years.                  Rev.20:1-3. But after the 1000 years he will be released to deceive the nations                  of the world Rev.20:7-10.
    3.           It is going to be a period of lasting peace on earth, warlessness, crimelessness,                  divine health for all, no infant death and many other wonderful events shall be                  the order of the day Isa.2:4, 11:6-9, 60:18, 33:24, 65:20, Jer.30:17,
                 Mic.4:2- 4, Zech.8:22-23.
    4.         Jerusalem will be the seat of the government and the new world capital                  Jer.17:25, Joel 3:17, 20, Mic.4:7, Isa.2:2-4.

Coming Judgment
Seven of the various Judgments mentioned in the Bible are:
    (i)          Judgment of sins on the cross of Christ Jn.12:31.
    (ii)         Believers self Judgment I Cor.11:31
    (iii)        Judgment of angels after the 1000 years Jude 6.
    (iv)       Judgment of individual gentle nations at the return of Christ to the earth                  Matt.25:32.

    (v)         Judgment of Israel at the return of Christ Ezek. 20:37
    (vi)        Judgment of the wicked Rev.20:11-15.
    (vii)        Judgment of believer’s works
                 We shall focus more on the last works

A The Judgment of The Wicked
This is otherwise known as the Great white throne Judgment. Shortly before this, that is, at the end of the millennium, at all wicked ones, dead from Adam to the end of the millennium will be resurrected to face this judgment. Rev.20:11-15, Acts 17:31, Rom.3:6, Jn.5:28-29.
Note that whoever, appears before this Judgment is doomed for ever – However, the believer who would have been resurrected shall stand as spectators on that day.

B.          The Judgment Of Believers Work
           The judgment of believers work is also known as the judgment seat of Christ. The            purpose of this judgment is to examine the believers work and determine his reward.            II Cor.5:10, I Cor.3:6-13; Rev. 22:12
           It will take place between the rapture and Second advent i.e. the 7-year period            Lk.14:14.
           -     The venue is heaven. I Cor.9:24-27, Rom 14:10, II Cor.5:10.
           -     What will be the basis of the judgment and who will be the judge? Matt.16:27,                  Rev.2:23, 22:12-16, Rom 2:6, II Tim.4:14, Jn.5:1-2, II Tim.4:8, II Cor.5:10
           -     What are the rewards? Jas.1:12, Rev.2:10, II Tim.4:8, I Pet.5:4,
                 I Thess.2:19- 20, Dan.12:3, I Cor.9:25

What should be your attitude towards this subject?
Lk. 19:13; Matt. 5:16; I Tim. 6:18; II Pet. 3:17; I Cor. 3:11-15; I Cor. 4:20; Gal. 1:10; Col. 1:25.

“For we must all appear before the judgment sea of Christ that everyone may receive the thing done in his body according to that he hath done whether it be good or bad.

As we journey towards eternity, it becomes more imperative for each one of us to make a conscious effort to eliminate every weight and sin that easily beset us. There are many Christian who started well yesterday but have either allowed these weights to prevent them making meaningful progress or are in a different race entirely. Thank God for those who are still in the race.
It is for this reason that we plead for a hones self appraisal of our Christian lives as we come to the end of our studies by giving quality attention to the following questions:
           •     Are there sins you don’t want to preached about?
           •     Are there sins you are always ready to excuse because you consider them                  small or because you have “better” names for them
           •     Are there sins you prefer to commit when no one is around
           •     Are there sins which always seem to stand on your way when you really feel                  like talking with God?
           •     Are there sins you continually try to make yourself believe are weaknesses,                  arising from the peculiarity of your tribe, family, profession, environment, etc.?                  Remember, the devil may provide pleasures and benefits of sins but he will                  always hide the price tag-hell fire. Confess all known sins today and rededicate                  your life to the soon coming king JESUS CHRIST. May God not allow any sin to                  stand on your way to Heaven AMEN.