8th edition


STUDY 1 (B):

I. Why the New Birth is so important
i.  The natural man is spiritually dead and cannot therefore obey or understand or please     God. Rom. 8:6-8, Jer.17:9, Eph. 2:3. The new birth gives eternal life. Jn. 3:16
ii. The natural man is corrupt in his affections and perverse in his will – Gal.5:19-21, Mk.    7:21- 23. The new birth affects our tastes, habits, desires, vocabulary etc.
iii. He is on a natural sloppy course to destruction. Prov. 14:12, 12:15. The new birth     guarantees that our means are written in God’s book of life Jn. 3:3-5 Rev.20:15.

II What Jesus Did For The Natural Man
i. Saved us from sin – Matt.1:21, Jn. 1:29, Matt. 26:28, I Jn.3:5
ii. Delivered us from the works and power of the devil in our lives. Col.1:13, I Jn.3:8
iii. Paid the penalty for sin and removed the curse of God upon man – Gal. 3:13, II Cor.5:21.
iv. Reconciled man (the offender) to God ( the offended) by acting as a mediator between     God and man II Cor.5:17-21, I Tim.2:5
v. Registered our names in God’s book of life Lk.10:20, Rev.20:15.
vi. Will present us unto God, holy and blameless Col.1:22, 28, Jude24.

(III) Hindrance To Salvation:
Satan has blinded the hearts of many people such that despite several obstacle God allows to be created on their path to hell, they are adamant and have hardened their hearts to the light of gospel of Jesus Christ. In other cases, the only vestige of genuine association with the Saviour, Jesus Christ was the day they responded to the altar call. II Cor.4:4 The following could hinder a man from receiving the salvation made available by God through Jesus Christ. II Cor.5:11, Pet.4:18, II Tim.2:19 can you identify the one(s) the devil can easily use against you.
      i.   Fear of prosecution II Tim.3:12, Jn.17:14, I Pet.2:19-23
      ii. Comfort and riches 1 Tim 6:9-10, 17, Prov. 10:22, Lk.16:13
      iii. Much intellectual/human achievement I Tim.6:20, 21, I Cor.2:5, Phil. 3:3-10
      iv. False security Isa. 31:1, Ps.97:7
      v. Self righteousness Isa 64:6, Rom. 10:3
      vi.Wordiness Jas.4:4, II Tim.4:10. I Jn.2:16
      vii.Lust for position or power Ecc.2:9-11, Ps 62:11
     viii Covetousness – Lk.12:15, Prov.15:16
      ix. Desire to please man – I Sam.31:4 & II Sam. 1:5-16
      x.  Religious activities – Matt.5:20
      xi. Some definite life’s ambition – Ecc.9:12
      xii.Besetting sins – Heb.12:1
     xiii.Ignorance – I Tim. 1:13

IV Evidences of The New Birth
Discuss noticeable evidence of the new birth in your life since you openly confessed Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour.
      i. A changed life II Cor.5:17, Col.3:1-3
      ii. A righteous and holy life I Jn.2:29, Pet. 1:14-16
      iii.Godly love and love for the Scriptures I Jn.4:7, Acts 7:11.
      iv.Godly fear and obedient to God Ecc.12:13.
      v. An overcoming life I Jn.5:4.
      vi Witness of the Spirit Rom. 8:16
      vii. Communion and fellowship with God I Jn.1:3
      viii. Power to live the Christian life Jn.1:12

V How can we live this New Life successfully?
   i. Giving ourselves to the study of the word I Pet.2:2, Ps.119:103, II Tim.2:15
   ii. Prayer and constant fellowship with the brethren Heb.10:25, I Thess.5:17
   iii. Total submission to Christ Jas.4:7, Jn.14:15, 5:14.
   iv. Witnessing Christ to others Mk.16:15, Matt.5:14-15

In the light of what have learnt today, a born again Christian MUST be different from those who are not. This difference should be evident in the words, thoughts and actions (what you wear, hear, see or touch) of the believer. Also a born again Christian must let go of old patterns of sins do away with every form destructive relationship. Have you had this experience.

Neither is there Salvation in any other for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.