8th edition



What is the Bible?
    (i)      The Bible is the spoken word of God Josh.1:8 it’s authorized us by the holy spirit              through the instrumentally of inspired men of old. II Tim.3:16-17; II Pet.1:20-21;              Isa.55:11.
    (ii)     The Bible conspired a total of sixty-six books with thirty nine in the Old Testament              and twenty-seven in the New Testament. (Memories these book in the order in              which they occur.)
    (iii)    The Bible is the unamendable CONSTITUTION of every believer. It answers question              of life and nothing should be added or subtracted from it as it is dangerous to do              so. Deut.4:2, Rev.22:18-19 Deut.12:32.
    (iv)    The New Testament is the fulfillment and the perfection of the old Matt.5:17-19;              Rom.3:31, Jam.2:10.

What you expect to know from the Bible

    - Mind of God. Jn.1:1, Jer.29:11.
    - State of man. Rom.3:23.
    - Way of salvation. Acts 4:12, Rom.3:24
    - Doom of sinners. Rom.6:23; Rev.20:15; Jn.3:36
    - Happiness of believers. Lk.10:20; Jn.14:1-4
    - Light to direct you. Ps.119:105
    - Comfort to cheer you. II Cor.1:4
    - Christ is shown as its grand subject. Jn.5:39
    - It is designed for your good. Ps.197:11.

Doctrine as of the Bible are:
    - Holy Ps. 19:7
    - Binding Pro.4:20-23
    -True Rev.15:3-4; Ps.19:8.
    - Immutable Heb.6:17-18.

What you should do with the Bible
    - Read it to be wise. Ps. 119:98-100
    - Read it slowly, frequently and prayerfully.
    - Believed it to be saved. Acts 16:31
    - Practice it to be holy. Ps.119:9
    - Mediate on it to be successful. Josh 1:8, Ps.1:1-3
    - Study it to be approved of God. II Tim.2:15

Trinity means the union of three divine persons: God the Father, God the son and god the Holy Spirit in one unified God-head.
    Biblical foundation of the Doctrine of the Trinity

   1. There are three divine person that bear record in heaven (I Jn.5:7) and the three are        one. They are: The Father Jn.6:27; I Pet. 1:2; Jesus Christ, Jn.1:1; Titus 2:13 and the        Holy Spirit, Acts 5:3-4
   2. The trinity is seen at work in the creation. And God said, let us make man in our image        after our likeness. Gen.1:26
   3. At the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. The Lord God said, Behold        the man is become as one of us. So He (unity of Trinity) drove out the man Gen.3:22-24.
   4. When god confounded the language of man at the Tower of Babel. Come let us (Trinity        Implied) go down, and there confounded their language… so the Lord scattered them        abroad. Gen.11:7-8
   5. At the baptism of the Lord Jesus. Matt.3:13-17. Identify the Members of the Trinity in        this event.
   6. At the Baptism of believers. Matt.28:19
   7. At Benediction. II Cor.13:14

In conclusion, the Bible says, “And without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness.” (I Tim.3:16). The doctrine of Trinity is a great mystery and cannot be explained exhaustively. It should, therefore, not be argued for it is a revealed truth. Deut.29:29.

The Christian life is that of a continuous warfare against our arch-enemy, Satan, the devil. Through the fall of man became his possession and pawn. But when we are born again this relationship is broken. However, Satan does not give up easily, he fights desperately to regain us. The Bible tells us to resist the devil, and give him no place in our lives. We need to know about his devices so as to know how to curb him and frustrate his counsels concerning us.

    Some facts about the devil
   1.   He was an arch-angel in heaven, having his angelic name as Lucifer. Isa.14:12.
   2.   He was the leader of the angelic choir of God; no wonder he is leading a lot of people          into perdition through music ezek.28:12-14
   3.   He rebelled in Heaven due to pride with a third part of the angels. They were fought          and sent packing from heaven. Isa.14:12-14, Ezek.28:15-17, Rev.12:7-9, Lk.10:18.
   4.   He was responsible for the first fall of man. Gen.3:1-7
   5.  He has ever remained the tamper and the accuser of the brethren Matt.4:1,          Rev.12:10
   6.   He is the author of sin, sickness and Death. Jn.10:10.
   7.   He will be chained and kept in the bottomless pit for 1000 years during the millennium.          Rev.20:1-3, 10. What are we to do the devil when he tries to tempt us? Jam.4:7

Characteristics f the devil
God is the only self-existing one, not created. God created all other spiritual beings, Angels, Cherubims, Seraphims and also Satan (Ezek.28:14-15). Hence, like us, Satan is a created being Col.1:16.

       - Satan is a spirit and has a personality possessing life, intelligence, will power and           feelings. However, being a spirit, he does not possess a human body           (neithertailnorhorm).
       - He is a thief. Matt.13:19, Jn.10:10a.
       - He is subtle. Gen.3:1, II Cor.1:3
       - He is a deceiver. Rev.12:9
       - He is the accuser of brethren. Rev.12:10.
       - He is the tempter. Matt.4:1.

Limitations of Satan
       - Limited in power. Job 1:10-12, Lk.22:21-22.
       - Limited in Time. Rev.12:12, Matt.8:29.
       - Limited in Location. Job 1:6-7.
       - He does not have the ‘omni’ qualities of God.

How to deal with the devil
       - Submit yourself to God. Jam.4:7, I Pet.5:8.
       - Resist the devil
       - Be sober
       - Be vigilant.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reprove, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.