8th edition



Personal Evangelism is a person to person sharing of the Gospel message with the aim of leading the individual to Christ. There is no greater Joy than seeing coming to Christ. Moreover, the Bible says, “he that winneth soul is wise” (Prov.11:30). One of the primary reasons we are still alive after we received Christ is to be fishers of men (Matt.4:19).

1. What is Evangelism and its Pre-requisites?
    Matt.28:18-20; Lk.24:47; I Tim.1:15, Rom.1:16; I Jn.4:8; Matt.8:5-13; Lk.9:53.

2. (a)    Why must we win souls?
           Ezek.33:7-9; Mk.16:15-16; Matt.28:19-20; Jn.15:16; 14:6; 20:21-23
    (b)   Why is it urgent? Jn.4:35-38; Matt.9:36-37.

3.          How Long does it take after new birth to witness?
           Jn.1:40-42; 4:25-30, 39

4.          How often and where should a Christians witness?
           Acts 5:42, 2:46-47; 20:20; II Tim.4:2. What are the results of these? Acts 6:7;            19:10; II Cor.5:15-20

5.          What things make for effective personal evangelism
           Ps.126:5-6; Matt.10:16; I Cor.13:1-3; Lk.9:53-55; Matt.8:5-13; II Cor.5:14;            Prov.16:1; I Tim.2:1-4.

6. (a)   Discuss Practical Problems that are likely to be encountered in personal               Evangelism.

    (b)   What rewards awaits a faithful Christians witness?
           I Thess.2:19; Dan.12:3; II Tim.4:7-8; Jn.15:1-2,7-8.

This study is not just a theory; something in anticipation of an examination. It is not the hearer only that will be justified but the doer of the word. Start personal evangelism after this study.

For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me ; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel?

ASSIGNMENT:            (a) Role play in the class
                                (b) Proceed on evangelism together with your teacher

NOTE: This study is deliberately made short to enable you put into practice what you have just learnt.